Why do SEO?

Too few companies, starting with VSEs/SMEs, invest in a natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy to improve the visibility of their website and thus highlight their products and services. However, before discussing the many benefits of SEO,  natural referencing is a must for a company that wants to develop its business, mainly through Google. The American engine represents, throughout the world, 130,000 billion indexed pages, 20 billion sites visited by the search engine every day, and 80,000 requests every second, or 6.9 billion per day.

Why use SEO?

Like other levers of digital marketing,  natural referencing (SEO) intends to generate maximum leads for your company, thus allowing you to increase your turnover. For a company, VSE / SME, it has become necessary to appear in the SERPs search engine results pages. Natural referencing will allow a company to position itself as high as possible in search engine results for the most relevant queries, keywords, or expressions depending on its products and services.

SEO, a marketing lever that generates qualified traffic

A company must position itself on the keywords of its sector and the strategic keywords of its domain and thus prevent a competitor from monopolizing the best positions in the search results pages. Search engines starting with Google, will ensure the relationship between people interested in your product or service and your business. And for that, your business should aim to rank as high as possible in the natural results pages of search engines. Know, for example, that 60% of clicks on Google are made in the first three results and 90% on the first page.

Competition can be fierce in natural referencing, but the stakes are high. Natural referencing will ensure very qualified traffic in the medium and long term. For example, working on your local natural referencing by being present on Google My Business is particularly useful for craft professions or businesses. A user looking for a hairdresser near his home will search among the list of artisans on Google my business for the one closest to his house.

Natural referencing for a better conversion rate and organic traffic growth

Working on the natural referencing of your website will require you to optimize the content; this will improve their relevance and possibly offer longer texts that speak to your target; in short, it is the whole user experience on your website. Who will progress? An SEO-optimized website will entice readers to read on to read your other posts. And if your website is ergonomically designed to facilitate the user experience, your conversion rate will progress, and your conversions will increase.

Natural referencing is complementary to other digital marketing levers.

You want an immediate effect regarding your marketing objectives, and you have decided to favor SEA; know that SEO and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) paid links are perfectly complementary. If you have chosen one of the pages of your site as the destination page for your advertisement on Google Ads, keep in mind that a well-optimized landing page at the SEO Services in Lahore level will allow you to improve your quality score, this quality score which determines the ranking order of Google Ads ads. And it is a higher quality score that will then allow you to spend less on your auctions. Natural referencing will also allow you to increase the number of subscribers to your social networks or possibly to your newsletter.

If the influence of social networks on SEO remains controversial among web SEOs, excellent natural referencing will ensure better traffic. Therefore if your social network buttons are highlighted on your website, you will be able to reap the rewards. The same goes for your newsletter. Natural referencing is also the best public relations strategy!

To continue to progress in search engine rankings, you will have to work on the popularity of your website. It is obtained in the eyes of Google by new incoming links that point to yours! This will require you to negotiate partnerships, submit guest articles, contact journalists and write press releases for the media. One thing is sure,  the better your content, the more backlinks your website will get and the more popularity you will gain in the eyes of Google!

Natural referencing, a sustainable investment

Unlike SEA, the clicks of Internet users on the natural results will not cost you anything! In natural referencing, it is the most relentless that wins. SEO will ask you for time, quality content, and a site with impeccable technique, but with this, you can triumph over your most significant competitors! Always keep in mind to offer unique, relevant, and quality content to answer the questions and needs of your target! From there, Google will grant your site a degree of expertise and authority that it will reward with good positioning on its natural results pages.

Google likes regularly updated sites to show that the site is not abandoned. However, to progress in natural referencing, you must “like” your website. Marks of tenderness will go through a clean and uncluttered source code, thoughtful content structuring with good internal networking and well-positioned Hn tags, and relevant and quality content. Finally, you will have to do your best to help your website gain popularity by regularly finding quality inbound links, ideally in the same theme as yours. SEO experts or web referrers will tell you that it takes between three and six months to measure the success, if not the positive impact of an SEO strategy on the traffic and performance of a website.

A limited investment can be enough in natural referencing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) drives traffic to your website and is often the most important source of long-term traffic. Limited budget, yes, but budget all the same! Because if you can ensure your natural referencing yourself or internally,  it remains a job, and it is recommended to be accompanied by an SEO agency and its teams of consultants to write or rewrite your “title” and “meta-descriptions” tags . “create the robots.txt file to tell Google which pages its “spiders” can follow…

Optimizing pages and a website is an ongoing process. It is advisable to be supported by an SEO Services in Pakistan with an internal team of multidisciplinary experts who will help you with a relevant and effective natural referencing strategy. Natural referencing is also measurable. You can judge your SEO strategy’s return on investment (ROI), thanks in particular to Analytics. You will be able to measure your conversions and identify the source of conversions. Is SEO the first source of traffic and conversions for your website? Lumens consultants are at your disposal to help you fully measure the ROI of your SEO campaigns. 

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