What’s Trending in Bathroom Remodel? Shower vs Tub – 5 Trends for Bathroom Update

It’s all about details and a sense of aesthetics. Even a minor detail matters for bathroom renovation, such as what color finishings should be, what tile shape to select, what should you go for shower conversion, and many more.

Don’t panic, first, take a deep breath and look for a reliable bathroom renovation contractor San Jose or elsewhere that can invest ample time and effort in your space upgrade. Don’t be overwhelmed with plenty of fittings and fixtures. Simply, start your project by focusing on two crucial aspects of the bathroom – the bathtub and shower. 

Which is Preferable – Bathtub or Shower

Most homes feature more than one bathroom, each of which either has a bathtub or shower. For a space-saving option, you can choose to replace bathtubs with smaller bathrooms or reserve one bathtub for guests with young children. On the other side, the master bathroom is where most people tend to spend more time and it also increases the value of your home so consider installing a luxurious bathtub in it.

Get Started with Bathtub and Shower Trends

Oversized and Lavish Shower

You might be drawn more towards a shower than a tub and that’s perfectly fine, you’re not alone. A statement shower can bring the aesthetics and visual appeal of a freestanding bathtub. Large showers can help accommodate accessibility needs as you grow, adding excellence for stability, slip-resistant bench, and flooring updates.

Two Shower Heads

Installing double shower heads will take your comfort to a new dimension. This can help keep your entire shower hot and steamy, giving you a spa-like experience. It is helpful for taller individuals, to avoid bending over and spinning to rinse out the shampoo from their hair. Also, handheld attachments make it easy to clean your feet and legs, plus you won’t lose your balance.

Deck Bathtub

Deck bathtubs are making a comeback and are often used for jacuzzi tubs. It has a platform around the tub insert, sometimes with a few stairs following into the tub. The thing that makes deck tubs truly inspirational is their ability to bend in or stand out. You can go for something that matches your floor tiles or anything bold by choosing a special kind of tile or stone finish.

Freestanding Soaking Tub

Freestanding soaking tubs can be a star of the season. They come in various styles and add a luxurious finish to any bathroom, be it traditional, modern, or transitional space. Soaking tubs also add flexibility to your bathroom renovation project as they can be installed anywhere as long as proper water hookups are installed. 

Wet Room

For those who are having a hard time deciding whether to install a shower or tub, they can have the best of both worlds. If you have enough space, wet rooms can be a great option. Flaunt your style with a luxury tub, a shower, or whatever tile or stone finish you want for floors and walls. 

Whether your bathroom needs a modern update or entire remodeling, it is great to work with a professional bathroom remodel contractor San Jose or wherever else to have a brand-new shower, bathtub, or both in a few days. An expert will work with you to choose the right design and material that complements your existing or new bathroom space. https://bloggingfreak.com/blogs/

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