Weed Vs Alcohol

First let’s look at the benefits of beer is often drunken as a social activity and as an escape from a tragedy. When you get drunk to avoid reality often it has the opposite effects and you feel worse instead of better however the next day you don’t remember being in pain even if you have memories of what you did your memories are distorted (so it’s not that effective). Also studies have shown that if alcohol is consumed in low doses then it can help your health the amount you should drink depends heavily on the person and so no single amount is true.

Now let’s look at weed. Weed is also often consumed socially. It also often makes people happier and it also can be used medically. In fact is has been used for medical purposes for over 4000 years. One of the best examples of how it can be used medically is to treat movement disorders like tourette’s syndrome. However its been proven that despite this the best use that it really has is helping with the side affects of treating cancer though it in itself does not treat cancer in any way.

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Now it’s time to compare their disadvantages. Most everyone knows their short-term effects so were only going to look at that really quickly. short-term it depends heavily on how much you consume. If you consume a lot of alcohol then that’s worse than consuming a lot of weed however if you only consumed a little bit of weed then that’s worse than consuming a little bit of alcohol. However what about the midpoint? To be honest in the mid-point it varies mostly from person to person.

Now let’s look at it long-term. There was a study where the measured the health of 450 students who did weed but not tobacco and they had several more sick days as well as more visits to the doctor mostly about respiratory problems. It has also been proven that smoking weed hurts your lungs and makes it more likely to get lung cancer (especially when you also smoke tobacco). It is not known how marijuana hurts your immune system but we do know it impairs the creation of certain white blood cells to fight off infection. However to be fair most of the problems with weed have to do with the respiratory system and if you just cook weed with certain foods then this eliminates this problem. It has also been proven that on average people who cook weed with their food get more high than people who smoke weed.

Now let’s look at the problems of long-term alcohol abuse. Alcohol puts a strain on most of you internal organs so long-term abuse often leads to organ failure. Abusing either drug leads to brain cell loss weed on average is worse because even if you have a little bit but if you have a little bit consistently then it can do massive damage. Weed merely shuts down the brain cells but if there shut down for long periods of time then they will die so the potential for brain damage with weed is far higher. But if you have a lot of alcohol in short periods of time then that is worse. Also weed has been known to lower your ambition level far more than alcohol.

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