UK’s Best and Worst Broadband Providers

Today we review the UK’s Best and Worst Broadband Providers. In an era of globalization, access to smooth and speedy internet has become a basic necessity without which one finds it hard to function. Do you remember how you felt the last time when your broadband stopped working? Do you remember the night before an important deadline when your broadband speed became as slow as a snail? Can you recall the Christmas Eve when you were having a Skype call with your loved ones back home, and the broadband signals went off? Alas! I am sure none of these incidents invokes positive emotions nor do they classify as pleasant memories…

UK’s Best and Worst Broadband Providers

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Such unpleasant incidents can easily be avoided if one makes a rational decision while choosing and subscribing to a broadband service. A Plethora of options is available locally. One only needs to choose and decide wisely after analyzing all the essential characteristics such as internet speed, service quality, cost and coverage. It might seem like an easy task, but in reality, it’s a mind-bobbling decision to take. That’s the reason why most of broadband users end up subscribing to an inefficient broadband service. However, this task will become relatively easy for you after you are done reading through this page. An effort has been made to save you from the worst broadband service providers and to simultaneous direct you to the best ones. Listed below are the three WORST broadband service providers in the United Kingdom:

The Best Broadband Provider : Our Pick

Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media Broadband can safely be declared as the best broadband service provider in the United Kingdom. This is because one of the most essential characteristics of any broadband connection is its speed, and Virgin offers a speed of up to 362 Mbits/sec, which is unmatchable. Hence, if you experience issues while streaming and downloading your favourite series because of slow connection speed, its most probably time to switch to Virgin Media Broadband.

Worst Broadband Providers in the UK


Plusnet tops the list of the worst broadband service providers. Research conducted by the telecoms regulators provides a quarterly figure of complaints received per 100,000 customers that each provider has. You will be surprised to know that complaints per 100,000 customers received by Plusnet more than doubled from the previous quarter. It received 21 complaints per 100,000 customers in the last quarter whereas in this quarter it received around 43 complaints per 100,000 customers. This has made it the most complained about the broadband firm.


According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted by Which?, a UK based website, TalkTalk failed to satisfy its customer base as they complained about its customer service and tech support. They also stated that they do not consider this broadband service to be a good value for money as a quarter of customers reported that they have had repetitive incidents of slow speed and one out of five customers said that their internet connection often dropped out.


The same survey conducted by Which? that revealed the loopholes of TalkTalk also uncovered the inefficiency of Sky, a popular broadband service provider. More than 2/3rd of the customers admitted that they are considering switching from Sky to some other broadband service provider due to Sky’s inability to deliver quality service. Almost 22% of Sky customers reported that they had issues with its connection speed as the speed goes down considerably every now and then. Hence, Sky also classifies as one of the worst broadband service provider in the UK.

Best BroadBand Providers in the UK

Now that we have warned you against the worst peeps in the business, we consider it our utmost responsibility to also direct you towards the bests in the game. Hence, listed below are the BEST three broadband service providers in the United Kingdom:

EE Broadband

The second nominee for the best broadband service provider in the UK is undoubtedly EE Broadband. It also offers a reasonably good download speed of 300 Mbits/sec. Although it’s less than that of Virgin, it’s still way more than what other service providers are offering and is enough for a decent streaming experience. Moreover, it provides competitive internet packages and is known for providing excellent customer service and therefore, receives fewer customer complaints in Ofcom’s survey. iMessage For PC

BT Broadband

The best thing about BT Broadband is that it has at least something for everyone. It can cater to almost every group of broadband user because of the vast range of packages and options available. It is actually what makes it stand out among the rest of the service providers. The prices might swell up at times, but it doesn’t really become a cause of concern as this company offers a lot of FREE STUFF!!!

Now, hurry up, if you are availing the services of any of those who have made it to our worst broadband service provider list then break up with them and instead shake hands with any of the best service providers listed above. You can thank us later!

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