Touchless Car Wash at Home

Touchless Car Wash of washing cars is simply it – a technique to wash your car without touching it physically.

The aim of this process is to eliminate completely the possibility of creating scratch marks and swirls on the exterior clear coating of your vehicle or truck during the cleaning process.

This may sound unusual to some, but if you’ve seen an automobile with swirls and scratches you’ll see the rationale behind this extra work.

These scratches aren’t particularly large and, in dim light they’re not obvious. However, in bright sunlight particularly on dark-colored automobiles, they can make cars look awful.

There are touchless automatic Quick Quack Car Wash that perform the same task, however they differ in the kind of soap employed. Automated car washes make use of an extra robust soap that may be slightly harsh, but is more effective in dissolving the bonds dirt creates to your car’s paint. We’ll be using a less harsh soap for car washes.

Let’s get started.

The Touchless Method Step-By-Step

1 – Find a Shaded Spot to Wash Your Car

The direct sunlight can cause your car to dry too fast. The result will be water spots unless you have water that is soft and is used for washing.

Minerals found in hard water will create lighter-colored deposits on the surfaces that your paint.

Additionally, you shouldn’t allow the soap to dry on the exterior of your vehicle. This could cause spots and stop the road grime, which was previously loose from washing away after being washed.

2 – Rinse Your Car or Truck Well

Get rid of all dirt and dust using the power washer you have you can. Make sure you blast all surfaces with care and make sure you clean up those areas that are particularly dirty.

Take care when sealing windows as well as side mirrors and any other place that could not be able to handle the force of the pressure washer.

3. Use a Foam Cannon to cover your vehicle with Suds

Utilize a foam cannon thoroughly soak your car in suds from car shampoo. The more thick, the more effective.

If you’re not sure what a foam cannon actually is it’s a simple accessory you can attach to your power washer. It enables you to add soap into the spray stream , and creates an extremely thick and fluffy layers of soap suds.

4 – Let the Soap Sit and Break Down the Dirt

Let the soapy foam sit for a while and remove dirt and grime stuck on the finish of the finishing.

It is recommended that the soap be left on the car for at the least 5 minutes or longer. This gives it enough the time it needs to complete its task.

5 – Rinse the Soap Off With a Pressure Washer

The force of the washer will help to remove the remaining grime and grit which the shampoo for cars has loosened.

It is possible repeat the steps 3 and 4, If you’re not satisfied with the outcome.

The method that is touchless isn’t suitable for cars or trucks with bugs, tar guts, and other contaminants that have adhered to the car’s surface.

If that’s the case, it is possible to switch to the two-bucket system.

6. Dry the Car using an Air Dryer

A dryer that is air-conditioned is an air blower that is forced, like a leaf blower. A leaf blower is a viable option but it’s not the best.

The best detailing air dryers come with a soft tip of rubber to ensure that you don’t damage the finish when you bump it. Leaf blowers generally feature a tough plastic outlet , which means you’ll have to be extra cautious. In addition, leaf blowers aren’t as focused , so they might not be as effective in getting water out of difficult spaces.

Make sure you get into crevices and cracks like rear view mirrors, as well as seams of the body panel.

This will stop the water from escaping after you move your vehicle which can cause water spots to appear when the water is dry.

What’s required to execute the Touchless Method

Electric Pressure Washer

Gas pressure washers are too powerful, costly and difficult to control. A pressure washer that is electric is a better option. They’re significantly less expensive than gas-powered models. They are smaller and lighter and come with the appropriate quantity of pressure.

Unfortunately , many electrical power washers have been produced in a way that is cheap and will not last long. Be sure to do your research and choose a high-quality electronic pressure washer.

My suggestion is to choose Sun Joe SPX9007-PRO. Sun Joe SPX9007-PRO. The electric pressure washer is slightly more expensive than the top models you’ll find online , but it’s unlikely to be able to last after just a couple of usages. It’s part of the Sun Joe Commercial line and is constructed from brass and other metals , instead of plastic, which isn’t able to withstand the high pressures repeatedly employed very well.

If you need to choose a cheaper alternative, I would recommend that you purchase the K1700 from Karcher. It’s built better that the majority of the competitors made of plastic and comes with an excellent warranty which will repair your unit in the event that it fails.

If you’ve got the money serious detailers opt to the Kranzle K-1122 TST. It has a higher flow rate and has more pressure than the Karcher and Sun Joe without exceeding a safe amount. Unfortunately, I do not have the money or a loving wife who would not divorce me if I had a reason to do so. YMMV.

Ph Neutral Car Shampoo

It is tempting to wash your dishes with dish soap that you have in the kitchen but it could be an error. Dishwashing soap is too harsh and will remove the sealant and wax from your finish. A quality car shampoo has a neutral pH that is designed so as to not be hard on dirt but not wax or other protective coatings.

There are a lot of fantastic car shampoos available. Chemical Guys produces some fantastic shampoos, including Mr. Pink. If you already own a favourite from a trusted manufacturer, there’s no reason why you should switch.

Foam Cannon

The foam gun is an accessory that you’ll require to soak your vehicle in suds. Attach the cannon onto the end of the power washer, and blast soapy suds across and let the shampoo for your car to rest and dissolve grime and dirt.

If you’re planning to use the Sun Joe SPX9007PRO, I suggest using this Sun Joe Foam Cannon. This is because there are a variety of reports about third party foam cannons that are that are not compatible when used with the SPX9007PRO. There is an increase in pressure with certain third party cannons, which can make obtaining a solid layer of foam more difficult.

Air Dryer

While you can do it with a leaf blower a high-quality automotive air dryer is more effective in getting rid of water from crevices and cracks where water may get trapped.

If the water that’s in between body panels isn’t eliminated, it will drain across the back of your car as you drive off. Then, it will create water marks.

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