Top Stainless Steel Wire manufacturers in India

At present stainless steel is employed in a wide variety of industries and applications because of its unique qualities. It is a versatile material commonly used in wire manufacturing industries such as lockwire, spring wire and many more. It is also extensively used in the medical field due to its relatively low cost and the ability to meet demanding applications. Wires can be flat ribbons or round and get finished in a variety of temperatures. Stainless steel wires can be shaped in unlimited ways to create customised wire baskets, trays and kitchen panelling. Due to its multiple advantages such as higher melting point, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, stainless steel wires are preferred over galvanised wires. There are different grades of stainless steel wires. Molybdenum is added to these wires for superior corrosion resistance.  

There are four major types of stainless steel wire such as Austenitic, Martensitic, Ferritic, and Duplex. A number of stainless steel manufacturers produce remarkable quality steel wires. Some of them are shared below: 

1. Viraj Profiles Pvt. Ltd. 

Viraj is a leading stainless steel producer and supplier. It is a renowned name not only in India but across the globe. It is a known stainless steel wire manufacturer and the wires produced in their plant are majorly used in industries like shipbuilding, medical, agriculture, springs, vineyard, agriculture, chemical, petroleum, weaving braiding, automobile, fastener, paper mills, food processing, welding electrode, & household applications etc. 

2. Chandan Steel Limited 

Chandan Steel is one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of stainless steel. It was established in 1969 as a trading company. Chandan Steel Limited produces and delivers quality, which it has earned a reputation for itself. They are known to satisfactorily cater to the requirements of their customers. 

3. Jagdamba Steel Company 

It was established in the year of 1996 and it is currently one of the leading manufacturers, wholesale and suppliers of Mild Steel plates, Mild Steel Slabs, MS Roofing sheets etc. The products are made by using great quality material and they supply these at the most reasonable rates to their clients. 

4. Mukund Limited 

Incorporated in 1937, Mukund Limited manufactures and exports a diverse range of premium quality stainless steel products. They produce speciality steel products that are mainly fed into the automotive and engineering industries. It is involved in the designing, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of heavy industrial equipment such as EOT cranes, Port equipment, process plant equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous industries, bulk material handling equipment, etc. 

5. Ambica Stainless Steel 

Ambica Stainless steel was established in the year 1970. It produces and exports some of the complex grades of stainless steel products in India. It is one of the most modern stainless steel manufacturers in the world that uses a range of sophisticated technologies in steel making. 

6. Sunflag Iron and Steel Company Ltd. 

It belongs to the Sun Flag group and has established itself as a major producer and exporter of steel globally.  Sunflag Iron and Steel has diversified business interests in Steel. It ventured into the steel sector in 1989 and today operates a 0.5 million tonnes per annum capacity plant, manufacturing high-quality steel products including a wide range of special alloy and stainless steel. 

7. Vishwa Stainless Pvt. Ltd. 

It is one of the fastest-growing steel manufacturers in India. They produce high-quality raw materials that can be compared with international standards. Their state-of-the-art facility ensures adherence to standards & guidelines which helps to deliver exquisite output in the market. 

8. Laxcon Stainless Steel Ltd. 

Laxcon was established in 1978 and it is a one-stop shop for all stainless steel needs.  it is India’s leading integrated steel manufacturer for the last 45 years. It has covered a respectable distance in terms of its annual output and has earned a reputation across several countries and continents. 

These are some of the leading stainless steel wire manufacturers and exporters in India and abroad. This list will be helpful while selecting the best stainless steel supplier who produces a vast range of products such as stainless steel rods, stainless steel bright bars, wires, flanges etc.

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