Top 6 Yoga Mudra for Weight Loss

In Indian times the yoga mudra was employed for many reasons, including to perform spiritual exercises or folk dancing. 

In addition, numerous Buddhist paintings show Buddhas. Buddha as he sits in a meditative posture performing various mudras. 

They are also engraved on different sculptures and old paintings. 

They also show the efficacy of this method and its efficacy in helping connect you to the inner parts of you.

The Yoga Mudras are hand movements you perform with the form of the image, or routine during yoga. 

The yoga mudra has a connection with Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism which include a range of rituals and symbols of religion. 

Are you aware that this method can help you shed weight through the energy stored in your body? 

Before we continue, find out more about the relationship between Mudras and energy.

The Link Between Yoga Mudra and Energy

It is possible that you aren’t aware that yoga mudras have a specific energy. 

They can represent what you’d like to achieve. Additionally, when coupled with meditation practice, the practice helps you to identify your own desires and reveal the potential you have undiscovered.

Thus, using the correct yoga mudras in a yoga class can help focus your attention on this goal.

We now understand the reason why we should be practicing yoga mudra.

The Significance of Yoga Mudra

There is a belief that the Sanskrit word Mudra refers to gestures. 

Also, be aware that yoga mudras were derived from the idea of Ayurveda. Remember that a yoga mudra could cover your entire body or just one hand position.

They are performed along with other yoga breathing exercises to improve the flow of holy Prana energy through various parts of your body.

Have you been aware of the ways yoga mudras make magic when it comes to experiencing both mental and physical relaxation? 

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What are the methods that Yoga Mudras are effective?

According to the yoga philosophy of Ayurveda, the root causes of illnesses are an imbalance within your body. 

This is due to the over- or under-representation of five elements: Air, Water Fire, Earth, and Ether. 

However, each element has a significant role in your body.

Your fingers represent five fundamental components. They function as circuits, and training can help regulate the way energy moves through the fingers. 

This can help bring each of the 5 elements to their normal balance and aids in healing.

Let’s take a look at the various fingers that the hand that you are wearing.

  • Thumb – Fire element
  • Forefinger – Wind element
  • Middle Finger-Ether (Space) element
  • Ring Finger – Earth element
  • Little Finger – Water element

In the long run, Yoga mudras are a way to balance and redirect the internal energy that causes a shift in organs, glands, veins, and muscles.

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The process of generating warmth from within is how you lose weight by practicing yoga mudras.

To shed excess weight, it is important to practice the right yoga mudras.

Yoga Mudras to Lose Weight

Below are six yoga mudras to aid in losing those extra pounds.

1. Surya-Agni Mudra

Also known as the area in the field of Agni Mudra Yoga mudra symbolizes the element of fire. 

When you perform the mudra, it helps activate the fire energy in your body, which assists in restoring balance through this energy. 

The element of fire in this mudra aids in improving digestion as well as boosts the metabolism that your body produces. 

Yoga experts suggest the regular practice of this mudra to lose pounds.

2. Linga Mudra

It is often referred to for being Lord Shiva’s Mudra it is a potent yoga mudra that aids in releasing inner conflict. 

This yoga mudra represents the triumph of positive energy over negativity. 

Regularly practicing this Linga Mudra stimulates the fire energy within your body. It then stimulates the organs.

Stimulation to the digestive tract as well as an increase in energy flow helps in removing any digestive issues. 

Linga Mudra is a great way to lose weight by improving the metabolic system’s performance. 

The heat your body produces during exercise hinders the development of a toxic substance known as Ama and is the primary cause of the accumulation in fat storage.

3. Gyan Mudra

The name hints at the yoga mudra. It is also known by the name, which means wisdom. 

This yoga mudra is recommended to perform alongside breathing exercises and others. 

This yoga mudra improves your concentration and helps your body to work better.

The Gyan Mudra ensures that your body gets adequate sleep, which helps in the efficient operation of your metabolism.

It helps you lose weight. In addition, the yoga mudra assists in better sleep by activating an improved sleep cycle within your body.

4. Prana Mudra

The word Prana is a word that means life, and it’s the mudra that represents life. 

Prana Mudra is a more powerful significance since it is a symbol of the life force energy. 

Regular practice of Prana Mudra increases the energy of the chakras that are at the base of your body.

This ensures an unending flow of energy throughout your body.

In addition, if you mix Prana Mudra alongside Yoga Pranayama exercises, this could help in losing weight.

5. Vaayan Mudra

The name itself suggests that the name suggests Vaayan mudra. As the name implies.

Vaya mudra connects to the element air. The body requires the air element to enhance the efficiency of different systems. 

The yoga mudra can help you be aware, and then you can reach the realm of higher consciousness. 

When you are in control of your thoughts losing weight becomes easier.

6. Kapha-Nashak Mudra

The human body is comprised of 3 temperaments: Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. 

Each one represents a particular element. Three of them, Kapha represents the fire element and excessive amounts of it could lead to weight increase.

The Kapha-Nashak Mudra aims to remove excess Kapha elements and bring harmony to all other components. 

This yoga mudra increases the effectiveness of your digestive system by stimulating metabolism through the production of heat.


Yoga can be described as a variety of styles that require Mudras. Yoga mudras can be a powerful method of connecting to the spiritual side that you live. 

The greatest benefits from this practice, include the weight reduction aspect of the arc quad workout.

The ideal method to perform it is suggested is to perform these exercises with guidance from a highly skilled yoga instructor.

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