Tools for Installing Log Home Siding, Paneling, and Decking

It’s time to build your dream log home and you want to do some of the work yourself. If you want to install some or all of the siding, paneling, decking, and trim but don’t know what tools you will need, we are here to help. Installing these materials is not rocket science but you need:

  • Woodworking skills
  • Woodworking tools
  • Power source(s) for tools
  • Fasteners: screws and nails
  • Another person, when needed
  • And of course, the right materials

Before you begin construction, check the delivery to make sure all the materials arrived. Next, lay them out on a flat surface for a few days to let them acclimate, and keep them dry. When it is time to go to work, lay out all your tools so they will be handy, and get going. You will find it quite fulfilling to build part of your home and you will cherish the memory.

Start the Project with Log Home Tools for Installing the Log Trim

Once the OSB boards or plywood are secured in place to the framing on the outside walls, install the log trim around the windows and doors. This is the first step because the trim cannot be placed over the siding.

  • Install the window and door trim with OlyLag screws recommended by the mill.
  • You need a miter or chop saw, hand drill, bits, tape measure, square, pencil, and level.
  • Measure the length of the trim, mark it, saw to length, and screw into place.
  • Installing the log siding on the interior wall framing follows the same steps.  

Pine D log trim is available in four standard sizes: 2×4, 2×6, 3×4, and 4×4. Cedar D log trim comes in 3×4 and 4×4 sizes. The interior log trim follows the same steps as installing outside trim.

Log Home Tools for Installing Exterior and Interior Siding and Corners

The beauty of using log siding is securing it to conventional wall framing. Its tongue and groove with end-matching construction makes it easier and faster than putting heavy full logs into place. Log siding is heftier than wood paneling or decking and needs longer and sturdier fasteners for its installation. 

  • When finished with the window and door trims, start the bottom row of siding.
  • You need the same miter or chop saw, hand drill, bits, tape measure, square, and pencil used for installing the log trim plus a level.
  • Install the first piece by placing it against the door trim and screwing into the groove on top of the siding. Check to see if the first row is level
  • Butt the next piece to the first one and cut to length where needed.
  • Proceed to the next row and succeeding rows to the eaves.
  • Once the siding is finished, saw the corner pieces to length and install with screws.

Cut out the siding around window and door trim where necessary.

“Before you begin construction, check the delivery to make sure all the           materials arrived. Next, lay them out on a flat surface for a                                  few days to let them acclimate, and keep them dry.”

Log Home Tools for Installing Wood Paneling, Decking, and Ceilings

Now we move onto the inside of your log home. Installing the knotty pine or cedar paneling, decking, or ceilings uses the same tools plus adding a nail gun and the proper size nails. The tongue and groove planks with the end-design fit snugly together and lie flat on the framing. They are perfect for using a nail gun. 

Start with the bottom row, level it, and shoot nails into the groove in the top of the paneling. The nice thing about this type of paneling and decking is it produces virtually zero waste! The pieces butt end-to-end anywhere between the studs because the joints are strong. There is no need to saw them to splice on a wall stud. 

Installing Log Home Interior Trims and Baseboards

You need the same log home tools for installing trim and baseboards as you used for the wall paneling, decking, and ceilings. These trims and baseboards are installed after you put the paneling, decking, and ceilings into place. They fit on top of these planks with a nail gun and the correct size nails. 

Instructions come with all these wood products, and our customer specialists are happy to discuss installing them with you. We will also assist with selecting the correct amount of materials to avoid excess costs. 

Quality Siding, Paneling, Decking, and Trim Make a Difference

Do yourself a favor for the long-term and purchase high-quality and hand-inspected materials. Order siding, paneling, decking, and trim that has been kiln-dried to the correct moisture content for stability and improved stain and finish applications. All our products meet these qualities and are made with you in mind.                                                                                                            

These materials are also available in a pre-finished condition that saves a lot of effort and time. You will never be sorry for buying the best you can afford, and you can avoid the issues with inferior materials.

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