Tips to Remove Insulation From Attic in The Best Way Possible

The removal of insulation out of your attic could be quite a time-consuming and complicated task. There could be a myriad of reasons you’re thinking about removing insulation from the attic. You may need to clear the attic, and this is likely to be the initial step of the task. It is possible that you are paying massive bill for utilities because your house is losing lots of heat in winter time through the attic. Your attic might be old and the insulation which appears nothing other as cotton ball. Eliminating the old insulation can help you create a new one. Whatever the reason you’re looking for some fantastic ways to start off with a solid foundation.


The first thing to do when removing insulation from the attic is to make sure you are prepared. Determine if there are asbestos-related traces present inside the previous insulation as it could pose a threat to the safety and health of your family members. Do not attempt any work until you’re certain there’s no asbestos. To determine whether asbestos is present is to be found, you can purchase a kit for your home or you can hire a professional to collect samples from your attic, and have them tested in a laboratory. If you find evidence of asbestos, you’ll need to engage an expert to remove the insulation from the attic and eliminate asbestos in a safe method.

Rodents and Mold: Beware

Many old attics are discovered to be infested by rodents, and yours too. If you spot the symptoms and signs of an infestation of rodents it is advised to contact a professional to assist remove the problem. It is because rodents may cause a mess in your home due to their carcasses, droppings and urine, putting your family’s health in danger. Don’t overlook the fact that rodents have been recognized to carry a variety of illnesses. Mold can also be dangerous in the event that it gets out of control. A professional can assist you remove the rodents and the mold so that you can eliminate the insulation safely from your attic.

For Blown-in Insulation

If you’ve discovered that there are no rodents nor any mold growing in the attic this is wonderful news. It is time to begin the work. If your attic is insulated with an insulation that has been blown in, a shop-sized big-sized vacuum is something you’ll require. You can also opt for one that is HEPA-filtered and designed specifically for this reason. The insulation you choose to use is quite loose and consequently, it is possible for things to become messy when you attempt to take it off. The particles from the insulation could cause your family members a lot of sniffles. If the situation gets badly, it may cause respiratory problems at some point. Therefore, be cautious with the instrument.

What You Can Do With Old Insulation

When you have removed the insulation from your attic, it’s the right time to remove it. What do you do? It is crucial to take a look at a garbage center or, better yet an recycling facility which is certified to handle these objects. This is because cellulose and fiberglass insulation is not permitted to being dumped at normal trash facilities and therefore it is crucial to be aware of what you are doing.

If you’re a homeowner looking to remove insulation from the attic over the weekend, the job could appear as a straightforward one. However, be assured that things will be messy quickly. Professional help is an excellent option if you think you’re not ready to the job.

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