Tips For Childcare Centers To Keep The Parents Happy

Keeping the kids happy at the center must be the prime focus of childcare center administrators. However, it is equally important to focus on areas that will also keep the parents happy. Here are a few pointers to guide your childcare center on successful family engagement.

Open door policy can help parents feel welcome
Though there are a few definite downsides to open door policy, it is a good policy to make it possible for the parents to drop in at the center anytime as and when they like. Encourage them to come in and visit the center to have lunch with their kid. During circle time, they may be given a chance to read a book. It is also a good idea to have a dedicated space for families to hang out and connect with each other. A transition zone is also a good idea for parents to wait and relax before and after pickup and drop.

Welcome parent participation
Some parents may have the flexibility to participate in the activities of the center. In such cases, you may permit them to get involved in some activities at their convenience. Conducting a few school-wide events in a year will give a chance for the families to come together and learn how your center develops and how you are building the progress of the kids enrolled at the center.

A new family orientation organized in the beginning of the year can help welcome parent participation.

Streamline your childcare center processes
Create and maintain good online portfolios that will change the way the parents perceive your daycare center. It will also give the parents a real time feed of their children to keep track of their progress, growth, learning and development. Reports, updates, reminders, photos and notes that are part of online portfolios can give a chance to parents to appreciate what you are doing and how you are managing the childcare center.

Strengthen the channels of communication
Right from daily verbal check-ins to email messages and monthly newsletters, communicate as much as possible to the parents. They are keen to know the progress of their children and when you depend on strong communication channels to update the parents of their kids’ development and performance, they are going to feel extremely happy.

Parents conferences organized in a timely fashion is also a good idea. However, daily communication can help build trust and a professional image of your daycare center. For instance, if a student is able to put on the jacket himself on a fine day, this will be a great news for a parent.

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