Things You Should Remember When Buying Work Shoes

Jokes apart, the wrong work shoe can spoil your whole look and mood. It can make you feel clumsy and affect your everyday operations. Imagine being all dressed up in a chic suit, ready for your presentation, and suddenly fidgeting with your shoes. What kind of an impression would that create on your colleagues? A bad one, no doubt! 

Well, if you don’t want to go through that trouble and lead a peaceful work life where you aren’t bothered by your fashion choices, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to share some tips for choosing the perfect work shoe and where you can get them. So wear your cool glasses, grab a cup of hot coffee and keep on reading.

First, let’s learn which shoe works well in which environment

Many people believe safety shoes are perfect for all kinds of working environments. But it’s not until an accident happens that they realize that even safety shoes differ according to different working conditions. So before you pick the wrong shoe and face an unfortunate situation, go through the guide below and save yourself some trouble. 

  • Electrical safety

If your job requires you to be around high voltage equipment or conductive materials, you must go for shoes that prevent an accidental shock. Shoes with rubber soles are perfect for such places as they ensure you don’t complete a circuit and get electrocuted.

  • Falling objects

Working around heavy objects? Pick shoes with a durable cap! Shoes with caps add a protective layer on the feet and save toes from getting crushed when coming in contact with heavy objects. 

  • Cold weather protection

People working in cold conditions often complain of hypothermia and frostbite. If not taken seriously, these conditions can also be life-threatening. So while selecting shoes, always opt for insulated ones that can keep your feet warm for longer periods. 

  • Explosions and flammable materials

Just as people working near high voltage equipment need to wear non-conductive shoes, people working around combustible substances need to wear conductive shoes. Now, there’s no rocket science behind that. Since we keep moving, static electricity builds up in our bodies. With that build-up, if we come in contact with any flammable substance, there could be sparks all around.

  • Spinning blades

If you happen to be working around or supervising fast-rotating blades, like circular saws or chain saws, it’s better for you to wear shoes made of tougher materials. Such shoes are resistant to tears and abrasive damage and keep your feet secure all along.

Now, moving on…

Things to keep in mind while buying work shoes

There are no doubts about the fact that your working environment plays a vital role in selecting the kind of shoes you wear. But there are a few more things that play a deciding role. Here’s a quick list of what you should be considering when you walk into a shoe store.

Durable material

You can buy the costliest product in town, something that’s on everyone’s lips, but still not be satisfied if it doesn’t meet your durability standards. A durable work shoe doesn’t guarantee that it will last for a certain period, but its making and material are enough for you to understand whether or not it’ll survive in your working conditions.


Often people compromise on the comfort bit, saying that they only have to wear the work shoes for a few hours. But many of them forget that those few hours are ample for blisters to form or cuts to show up. So when buying work shoes, never neglect to test walk them because that’s when you’ll know whether or not your feet are happy.

Check the size and width 

Not that it’s something you won’t do, but always keep the size and width of your work shoes in mind. Now, the fitting and the size and width are two different things. Your shoes can be a proper fit, but the same can be uncomfortable when paired with thick socks. So be mindful of what you are picking. 

Slip-resistant soles

Slipping on smooth surfaces is the last thing any working individual would want. It would create a panicky situation every time you walk into someplace new. So it would be better if you test walks the shoes before buying, and get assured that they are not going to embarrass you or cause an injury.

Now that you know how to choose your work shoes, let’s make your job a bit easier. Instead of going in and out of multiple stores searching for your perfect pair, check out our shoe collection that promises quality and more.

Lethato’s best work shoes

At Lethato, we believe in bringing together comfort and style. With this ideology in mind, we craft shoes that are light yet durable, funky yet soft-on-the-feet, and most importantly, fit into everyone’s budget. Here are some work shoes from our collection that are sure to blow your mind and add freshness to your closet at the same time.


If there was another nickname for oxfords, it would surely be best-shoes-for-office. These edgy, classy-looking shoes add a unique touch to every outfit. From suits to t-shirts and jeans, from semi-formal blazers over shirts to just a polo shirt with chino or denim shorts, you can pair them with anything and the results would be nothing less than amazing. At Lethato, each Leather Oxford Shoes has a unique story, but none of them is short on quality. Every product is made from high-quality leather and has soft cushiony soles to make your feet feel at home every moment.  


Another classic style of work shoes, derbies are full of elegance and style. They complement all kinds of outfits and are suitable for every environment, be it an official board meeting or a lunch with important clients. In our store, we offer an extraordinary set of derbies to all our customers. You can get classy solids, funky dual-toned pieces, and sturdy lace-up or side zip-up boots at unbelievable prices. So why waste time when you can make the most of it! 


Who says loafers aren’t a good choice for formal outfits! Try them with suits or semi-formal pieces, and you’ll see how well they gel with them. Loafers are the most hassle-free footwear on the market. Just slide in a pair and you’re good to go. At Lethato, they’re available in a variety of designs, from Tassel Loafers and Penny loafers to Saddle loafers and Venetian loafers. Each product is made from top-quality leather and flaunts a blend of shades and designs like never before. 

Monk Straps

Monk Strap Shoes come with a unique design. Instead of a lace system like oxfords, derbies, or sneakers, they’ve got straps and a buckle across the top. The only thing to be sure of in these types of shoes is whether there are any gaps in between straps. If there are, it means you need to look for a better option. Luckily, in our shoes, you won’t come across that problem because each one is handcrafted by some of the most skilled craftsmen. Plus, the material and the accessories used are all of the finest quality. So just find your perfect pair and order them. 

Chelsea boots

A classic piece for all working individuals, Men’s Leather Chelsea Boots never disappoint anyone. Combine them with a suit and tie or wear them with a t-shirt and jeans or chinos, they’re still going to look stunning and make you stand out from the crowd. In our store, you’ll get Chelsea’s in a variety of shades and designs. Pick any of them, and you’ll be satisfied with the quality and comfort for years to come.

Work shoes care guide

Buying good-quality shoes aren’t enough. You need to take care of them and make sure you follow the below-mentioned drill from time to time. 

  • Brushing

Ever noticed a layer of dusky brown-colored material on your shoes when you get back home? Well, it’s the dirt that sticks on the upper surface. If not brushed regularly, this dirt will keep on accumulating on the shoe and damage it in the long run. So be smart and get rid of it the moment you’ve removed the footwear.

  • Conditioning

This one is only for leather shoes. Leather shoes need time to time conditioning to stay shining. If you happen to own any leather shoes, make sure you use a good-quality conditioner to retain their shine. 

Using a shoe tree and a shoehorn 

Often neglected by people, a shoe tree helps in maintaining the shape of the shoes. It prevents shoes from developing creases and extends their life. A shoehorn, on the other hand, helps you in wearing the shoes easily, preventing the stiff heel section of the upper from getting crushed.


You can take good care of your shoes and still can’t save them from damage if you don’t store them in a proper place. Too much sunlight or moisture isn’t good for shoes and can damage them before being used a couple of times. So find a place that’s free from troubles and place those beauties there.

In Conclusion

Work shoes don’t always have to be boring. They can be quirky, embellished, dual-toned, and whatnot. All that’s needed is a good eye and a sensitive person to take care of them. You don’t have to listen to what experts say about styling shoes; you can wear them the way you like and still make a statement. 

So get into a store, find your dream pair, and add a touch of uniqueness to your closet.

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