What Safety Gear Should You Get with a Unicycle?

Whether you ride a unicycle or an odd bike like a clown bike or a mini bike, being prepared with the proper unicycle safety gear is absolutely imperative. These are the essentials. Don’t ride without them! A Helmet (It’s a Good Idea to Ride with Sunglasses, Too!)This is the single most important piece of safety … Read more

Why Are Square Taper Cranks So Common on Unicycles?

Square taper cranks are so common on modern unicycles that some sources list them as “standard,” and they certainly are common, but what exactly are they, and why? Also known as cotterless cranks, square taper cranks have a tapered end that is square in cross-section. This tapered end corresponds to a hub axle that has … Read more

Looking for a Unicycle That’s Fast and Agile? Choose a Model with 32-Inch Tires

Have you ridden a wide range of unicycles before and your heart is set on finding a model that is both fast and agile, don’t look over 32-inch tires. We don’t have hard figures for this, but it’s possible that commuters look right over 32-inch models for 36-inch models and muni riders shoot right for … Read more