3 of the Top Skincare Products for African American Skin

Throughout our lives, we’ve all been bombarded with skincare brands in various forms of advertising, proclaiming that their offerings are “the end all, be all.” They’ve made empty promises left and right all the while generalizing that what they offer is great for nearly everyone. However, for women of color, we have been underrepresented and … Read more

Essential Hair Products for Black Women’s Hair

In the natural hair community, you will find many people who are absolutely confident that their hair care tips should work for anyone with coily, kinky, curly hair. However, you will quickly find that this is just not the case across the board. Although there are many things that textured hair needs universally, it is … Read more

What to Look for in a Conditioner for African American Hair

Textured, curly hair has its own needs as far as hair care products go, so when it is time to stock up on some new shampoo and conditioner, you will want to know what you are looking for. Here are some traits that you want to see in any conditioner for African American hair. Plant-Based … Read more

What to Look for in Shampoo for Black Women’s Hair

Hair products for Black hair definitely fall into their own category of ultra-hydrating, rich products formulated to promote glossiness, elasticity, strength, and moisture. One of the most important products in anyone’s hair care routine is the shampoo of course. It is the product that starts off a routine and sets everything in motion so you … Read more