Here’s How Calgary Land Survey Services Are Beneficial For You

When it comes to conducting a land survey, getting the right Calgary land survey services becomes important. Land surveys are important and come with their own pool of benefits when done correctly. Not only it helps the owners get peace of mind, but it also helps sellers gain confidence about the land that they might … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Land Surveying

What Is Land Surveying?Surveying involves measuring distances between two points with measuring instruments such as steel tape measures, chains, levels, plumb bobs, and optical instruments like transits and levels. Surveying land is an essential part of any real estate project. A surveyor must be able to read maps, charts, and graphs in order to identify … Read more

Guide to Geomatic Services for Project Planning and Management

When it comes to construction or land development projects, geomatics will be critical in the preparation stage. Whether you plan to build property, manage pipelines, or construct roads and highways, you should first gather relevant data to plan and create your project design. Fortunately, there are plenty of geomatic services to help you get all … Read more

What Happens During a Land Survey in Calgary?

Calgary is one of the hottest places to invest in real estate property today. With the expected increase in home prices by the end of 2022, property owners were reaping the benefits of their purchases years ago. Moreover, the housing market in this Canadian City is consistently gaining a healthy rise, even though it suffered … Read more

What Makes Up Land Surveying in Calgary

The magnificent and numerous skyscrapers in Calgary are what genuinely define the cosmopolitan city today. Interestingly, the tallest building in Calgary is the Husky Tower, reaching about 190.8 meters with 802 steps in the staircase. The foundation of this spectacular architecture is Calgary land surveyors, professionals in building land. Land surveying Land surveyors examine a … Read more

What is Geomatics Surveying?

Have you ever wondered how maps for skyscrapers are made? Geomatics surveying is a technique that enables surveyors to precisely determine the position of points on the ground or in three-dimensional space, as well as the distances and angles between them. Large and complex infrastructural areas such as universities, cities, malls etc have their maps … Read more

Adopting Geomatic Services in Calgary: What should you know?

Geomatics refers to the technology that deals with the character and structure of spatial and non-spatial information. Interestingly, the term Geomatics was first coined by a French-Canadian surveyor Michael Paradis, who introduced it in April 1982 while addressing the Centennial Congress Ceremony of the Canadian Institute of Surveying. In many ways, geomatics is a concoction … Read more