SureStay Plus, your perfect stay!


The SureStay Plus is the perfect fit for your stay! Our hotel offers a variety of amenities, including free Wi-Fi, a coffee maker, and a microwave. In addition to our comfortable rooms with kitchenettes and microwaves, we also offer free continental breakfast each morning at the hotel’s restaurant.

Deluxe pillow

If you like to sleep on a firm surface, then this pillow is for you. If a soft and fluffy pillow is more your style, then consider this one. The Deluxe Pillow is available in two different sizes—small and large—and both are able to provide the perfect amount of comfort for any size head!

Double Queen or King Size Bed

Our Double Queen or King Size Bed is a pillow top mattress and has a standard width of 18 inches wide. The bed frame is adjustable and can be used with all mattresses including memory foam, latex, innerspring and hybrid beds.

Flat Screen TV

TVs have changed a lot in recent years. They’re now much larger and higher quality, and they’re also more affordable than ever before. TVs can be used for many things: watching movies, playing games, or just relaxing with a show on the tube. A flat screen TV is great because it gives you lots of control over what you want to watch!

Free Wi-Fi

If you’re having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, here’s what to do:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet. If it isn’t, try restarting your device and then trying again.
  • Try connecting in a different location than where you last connected—this can help improve performance as well as speed up connection times by making sure there aren’t any nearby devices interfering with yours (for example: if someone else in the house is using their tablet while they’re watching TV).


Microwaves are a great way to heat up food and leftovers, as well as popcorn. They’re also handy for heating water in the microwave. If you have a baby who needs bottles warmed up (or if you just like having warm water at your disposal), microwaves can also be used for this purpose!


  • The refrigerator is small, but it works.
  • It’s not cold enough to keep your food from spoiling, so you’ll have to make sure that the temperature on it is just right or else you might get sick.
  • It has a small freezer compartment that can fit up to six cans of food at once, but otherwise there’s really no space left over for anything else (except maybe some ice cubes). If this sounds like an issue for you—and I’m guessing it does—you should consider getting a different model instead of looking at Stay Plus again; those models come with bigger fridges with more room inside them!

Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is in the room. It’s a single cup coffee maker, and it has a variety of flavors to choose from. You can use it 24/7, no matter what time of day or night you want your first cup of joe. The coffee maker is free with every stay at Stay Plus—and we think that’s pretty amazing!

Single Cup Coffee maker with a variety of flavors to choose from

You are always welcome to use the coffee maker in your room. It’s free! Just ask for it and we’ll have it ready for you.

The coffee maker has a wide variety of flavors available, including regular, decaf and flavored lattes. You can also choose from different sizes of cups or mugs if you’d like something larger than what’s provided in the lobby area. If there isn’t one available when you’re looking for some caffeine-infused goodness, don’t worry—we have plenty more around town so don’t hesitate to ask!

Free Hot Breakfast served daily from 6am-10am including fresh pastries, eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, and more.

You won’t want to miss out on the free hot breakfast served daily from 6am-10am. This includes fresh pastries, eggs, bacon, sausage and waffles.

The SureStay Plus is the perfect fit for your stay!

The SureStay Plus is the perfect fit for your stay!

You get everything you need in one place. You can have a great time, be comfortable and have a great stay.


The SureStay Plus is the perfect fit for your stay! You’ll find all the amenities of home and more with a fully equipped kitchen, free breakfast, free Wi-Fi and more. In addition, we offer quality accommodations at an affordable price.

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