Is it Worth Installing Motion Sensor Lights for Stairs?

Motion sensor lights are more advanced than your typical lights because it reacts to movement. That means the light will automatically turn on when the sensor notices you.

If you want convenience, energy-saving, discourage thieves, and an advanced lighting system, motion sensor lights for stairs is an excellent choice. They will stay off when there is no one around and light up automatically when you show up. It could be the simplest yet efficient solution for stair lights that have motion sensor features.

How do Motion Sensor Lights Work?

If we put this in simple words, motion sensor lights respond to movement. To install a motion sensor light, you first need a motion detector, such as passive infrared, active infrared, photoelectric, and dual technology. 

As we mentioned above, the light is turned on by the motion sensor. There is a mechanism that will detect you around and automatically turn on the light.

Do you need motion sensor lights for stairs?

Walking up or down your stairs in dark can be dangerous. Turning on the landing lights every time to use the stairs can be a big hassle, especially when you’re in a hurry. LED motion-activated lights can be a perfect solution because they are easy to install, convenient to use, and don’t consume much energy.

Here are some reasons why you should consider buying motion sensor stair lights:

  • Convenience – no more flipping a light switch again and again. If that sounds pleasing to you, motion sensor stair lights are a great choice.
  • Save Energy – no need for leaving the lights of the staircase on. If there is no one around, you can keep your home dark, which ultimately saves energy and reduce your electricity bills.
  • Discourage Thieves – outdoor motion sensor lights can discourage criminals. With no darkness covering their tracks, they may escape from your property.
  • Accessibility – they are useful for people with disabilities. Stair lights with motion sensor will quickly light up when it detects motion. This is also ideal for kids who are afraid of the dark.

Things to Consider When Buying Motion Sensor Stair Lights

  • Battery Life – consider the life of the product to figure out if it fits your needs and application.
  • Motion Sensor – consider how long the light will stay on until it turns off. Test it if it immediately lights up as soon as you enter or any delays.
  • Design – old models are quite bulky and easily get noticed. Go for a modern model which is compact, can be hidden, and available in captivating colors.
  • Water Resistance – If you need to place the device outdoors, make sure it is water-resistant. Purchase LED stair lights with a motion sensor designed to be water-resistant, so you could install them on garden stairs or a porch.

Installing LED stair lights with motion sensors will help you achieve a well-lighted area. Research different kinds of designs, sizes, and styles available in the market and buy the best product that works for your need – lightens up automatically when a person shows up.

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