How To Start A Cover Letter | Cover Letter Guide with examples

Everything has a beginning and this is the beginning of your cover letter. Discover how to take the first step. to write an attractive cover letter that will get you the job you are looking for.

I understand.

Prostrating yourself in front of the computer with a blank sheet of paper and a letter. to write can be intimidating, not to mention that the letter depends largely on whether you are hired.

It sounds difficult and you even get a tempting feeling to skip the cover letter. Total! “No one reads them” “They are already obsolete”.

Well no. This is just an internal voice that tries to convince you not to face something that seems difficult to you. 

A cover letter can do alot for your application. if you don’t believe me, take a look at our article on why you should use a cover letter.

But don’t worry, once you start typing you won’t be able to stop until you finish. Just follow the basic tips in this guide and get inspired by the examples I give you to start your cover letter now!

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Start by reading this short article that will show you quickly and easily how to start a cover letter. Just that, the little push you need to go as a thread average

How is the beginning of a cover letter formed?

The first thing you need to know is that a cover letter is a highly personalized document. that you cannot recycle to arbitrarily send to any position you find out there. 

(If you plan to do that, better save yourself the work and don’t send anything)

This means that for each of the applications you send. you will have to adapt and personalize your cover letter.

The beginning of a cover letter is basically divided into three parts. which we will explore throughout this guide. showing you in each one; examples of what you should and should NOT do.

These three sections are:

  • Header
  • Greeting
  • First paragraph.

1. Header 

This is the equivalent of naming a maths test after yourself, probably the only answer you’ll get right, or wrong, for sure. 

As obvious as it may seem, filling in this section with the correct information about the sender (that is, you) and the recipient (who is going to receive the letter), is essential when writing a cover letter.

It does not matter that you send your cover letter via email , or even write it within the body of the same email, the header must contain the data of both the sender and the recipient and the date.

Remember that your contact information is essential for the company to notify you of the status of your process, facilitate this communication by always adding your contact information clearly and concisely. 

2. Greeting

The ideal is always to direct the greeting of a cover letter. to the person it is addressed to, using formal greetings such as:

  • Dear Sir / Dear Madam… (name of person)
  • Dear Architect / Dear Architect… (name of person)

perfect example

Dear Director Ignacio Salinas,

Dear Mr. Salinas,

It is not correct to greet in a cover letter with generic phrases such as:

Bad example

To whom it may concern,

Since this takes away the personal touch that distinguishes this document so much.

Advanced Tip:   Lastly, if you have not managed to get the name or surname of the recipient. uses a neutral adjective such as. “Appreciable” and add the position of the person who is going to read the letter, something like: 

“Appreciable Stage Director,”

3. First Paragraph.

The first paragraph cover letter is a bit difficult. in determining whether the reader will want to read on or just turn the page, Like in write my essay for me query. 

How to write a first  paragraph of a cover letter

  • Briefly mention how you found out about the position.
  • Introduce yourself in a personal way to who could be your next boss.
  • Express your enthusiasm and interest in a job opportunity.

perfect example

In my search for new creative projects. I was excited to find the job. offer for an Actor and Dancer for the staging of Bongo Beach Teatro’s famous main number. With my 4 years of experience as a professional actor and dancer. I have collaborated in the artistic. a world with ballets such as “Vegas Entertainment Dancers”.

Do you see it? 

The example above starts off strong. 

In just one paragraph, he mentioned how he found that specific vacancy. shows knowledge and enthusiasm. for the work of the company and mentions relevant data from his career. such as the names of the ballets. with which he has collaborated. and best of all; he launches a proposal that will be irresistible for the contractor.

Let’s compare this second example…

Bad example

  • I am looking for work as an actor and dancer. so I have decided to apply with the intention of applying for a job opportunity. I have 4 years of experience acting and dancing. for different evening entertainment ballets.
  • At first glance, the previous example might seem normal, nothing out of the ordinary. but if you read it carefully you will be able to identify the following errors. that will make the reader not find the slightest motivation to continue reading:
  • Denotes job apathy.
  • It is generic, never specific to which job or which company you are applying for.
  • Nor does it say anything about the candidate, beyond mentioning his 4 years as a dancer and actor.
  • “For different evening entertainment ballets” What are those ballets?

Advanced Tip: If you are risky and like to stand out, start directly with a hard fact about yours. professional career, this can be an achievement or your latest results. You will certainly draw the attention of the recruiter to continue reading.

Finally, I leave you with two more examples, one to complement your resume if you are an inexperienced candidate …

Start for Cover Letter for a Candidate without Experience.

Dear Architect Camacho,

I have been following urban planning projects. of the B2V Architecture Studio for many years and now that. I have found a vacancy for an intern architect. It would be a privilege for me to start my professional career. contributing to the future successes of the Studio.

I graduated this summer with a Science Degree in Architecture from ETSAM. Higher Technical School of Architecture. and I am sure of my academic skills and my passion for creative solutions. will be a positive contribution to join this great team.

and another more traditional one. An example for a cover letter from an experienced lawyer, who is looking to join a prestigious law firm.

Start for a Traditional Cover Letter for Experienced Candidates.

Juan Carlos de la Vega

Senior Business Lawyer

Altarpiece Street, 2

28921 Alcorcon, Madrid

(+39) 687 814 560

Mr. Amado Villarreal

Director of the Law Firm Mesán Abogados.

Paseo de las Acacias, 5, 1º A, 

28005 Madrid

January 13, 2021

Distinguished Director Villarreal,

I firmly believe that I am the lawyer you are looking for to complete the Buféte Mesán Abogados. And I briefly explain why in this letter. 

I have won a total number of 253 cases in courtroom legal assistance. defence of financial entities, and registration procedures. and possession of real estate during my 8 years of experience. which I offer to provide immediate value to the distinguished Mesán Law Firm.


The initial passage of your introductory letter ought to snatch the. employing administrator’s consideration. and make them need to peruse your introductory letter. A few hints to compose an eye-catching song. The opening passage incorporates being immediate, beginning. with areas of strength for an assertion, or driving with a significant accomplishment.

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