How to fix the Latest Windows 11 Slow

How to fix the Latest Windows 11 Slow – The development of Microsoft’s operating system is arguably quite fast, not even 10 years later, Microsoft has released the latest successor version of Windows, namely Windows 11, slowly, Windows operating system users will immediately update their operating system version from Windows 10 to Windows 10. Windows 11 is for devices that already support because Windows 11 only supports some devices, Microsoft confirmed that in the latest version it will bring a lot of new things such as a feature called TPM 2.0.

This feature is a security-related hardware-based feature that is usually integrated in business-level products. For example, such as MSI which first introduced TPM 2.0 in the Workstation series which aims to provide a secure device for its users, especially engineers and designers. Microsoft presents this feature on its latest operating system to improve security and performance in its newest system, but this TPM 2.0 feature can only be felt for users of the latest AMD Ryzen and Intel processors.

In addition to the presence of the TPM 2.0 feature that improves security and performance in Windows 11, there are also a myriad of other improvements, starting from a fresher user interface, and enhanced multitasking capabilities. you can use this feature by bypassing it but this is an illegal act so there must be consequences, such as on a computer or laptop with low specifications or just barely it will experience slowness.

But don’t worry, IT Smurf has various tips & tricks to deal with slowness in Windows 11. Want to know how? let’s see the following steps.

1. Disabling shadow Animation and visual effects

One of the newest features of Windows 11 is Shadow animation which makes our monitor look more alive.

  • first enter the start menu
  • click the search box then write “View Advanced System Settings
  • after that select the advanced tab menu at the top
  • click settings in the performance box
  • check the custom section because we will customize the settings
  • select several options namely Animate control and elements inside windows, Fade or slide ToolTipsanto view, Show thumbnails instead of icons, Smooth edges of screen fonts.
  • after that click apply and ok
  • done

2. Performing a system cleanup on Windows 11

The second step is that you just do a system cleanup. This method is more or less the same as when cleaning junk files, data, cache and so on.

  • right click on windows icon
  • click system menu
  • after it appears click the system sub menu again
  • select storage
  • tap the temporary files section check all files
  • click remove file wait until the process is complete
  • done.

3. Turn off Game mode

Game mode is one of the new features that Microsoft added to Windows, this feature allows laptop/computer performance to focus more on games and turn off useless systems.

  • click the search box then type “Game mode
  • if it appears click the program
  • change the on mode to off then close this program
  • done.

The final word

Thank you for reading the Latest How to Solve Windows 11 Slow. hopefully this tutorial can add to your insight. Share this tutorial with your friends on social media so you don’t miss the tutorial How to Overcome the Latest Windows 11 Slow. Thank you and Adios amigos. Veni vidi Vici Amavi

How to fix the Latest Windows 11 Slow - IT smurf

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