How to Find the Best Glass Head Shops Near You: A Quick Guide

Looking for the best glass head shops near you? If you’re experienced in the industry, it shouldn’t be too hard to tell from an ad or a listing whether a shop is worth your time or not.

Then again, you could be new to the area. There are a lot of factors at play here.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can find the best glass head shops in your area without shop-hopping and wasting time.

1. Read the reviews. First, perform a quick search. What shops are even in your area to begin with? Pick a few of them that catch your attention, then read the reviews in the business listings.

If you can’t work with that, visit the website straight away and see what sorts of reviews or testimonials they have there.

If their own customers aren’t juiced about shopping there, what makes you think you will be?

2. Are they active on social media? Second, check their social feeds. They should be pretty easy to find from the business’s website.

Pay special attention to Instagram, and a little bit to Facebook. It seems as time goes on, the venerable “gram” is the place where users snoop for new content and attractive visuals.

You’ll see how active they are, what sort of follower base they have amassed, and how they interact with clients – and in many ways, that’s more valuable than reviews.

3. What sort of perks do they offer? Glass head shops that offer some sort of perks are always in a better position than competitors that don’t. Think about it from your position, not theirs – if they offer perks, you, the consumer, win!

Anyway, take, for instance, The Hip Cat Smoke Shop, which has two locations in South Florida.

They’re running an ongoing promotion that encourages customers to take their best selfies from anywhere in South Florida and submit them.

If they feature the picture on their website, the person who submitted the picture gets to claim 20% off anything in one of their stores.

4. Location, location, location. Obviously, the best glass head shop near you will be, well, near you. There might be a great shop with fantastic reviews halfway across the country, but what good does that do you, really?

Perhaps a bit, if they have eCommerce retail operations Online sales are going through the roof, anyway – but if not, you’re out of luck.

Besides, who doesn’t want to shop local?

5. Selection is important. Another thing for you to consider – although this will require you to make an in-person visit (probably) is selection.

If you’re looking for a head shop, you might be looking for water pipes. Another customer might be looking for a head shop, but be more interested in another type of glass pipe like a dab rig.

Smoke shops should also sell a variety of spoon pipes and other glass smoking accessories. The trip there should be worth your while, should it not be?

6. They should have more than glass. Finally, a head shop should carry more than just glass. Some herb enthusiasts prefer to roll their own. Grinders, rolling papers, filters, batteries for vape devices, and other accessories like these should be readily available – plus other cool accessories like lighters.

Less is not more here, more is more.

Start with a Short List to Find the Best Glass Head Shops Near You This list is applicable to consumers anywhere in the country, but to make it easy on those of you that are in South Florida, check out The Hip Cat Smoke Shop. They have locations in both Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach and satisfy all of the requirements you see here.

If you’re looking for the best glass head shops near you, check out their website via the link above or get in touch with them at 954-530-9357 (Fort Lauderdale) or 954-933-7083 (Pompano Beach)

For more information about Head shops in Pompano Beach Please visit: The Hip Cat Smoke Shop Pompano.

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