How to connect Air Pods to Dell laptop models

This guide will explain exactly how you can connect Air Pods to Dell laptops regardless of the particular model.

The process to connect Air Pods to Dell laptop units is the same as connecting for every Windows laptop. We’ll guide through each of the steps necessary to set up the Bluetooth connectivity between the Air Pods and the Dell laptop that you are using. While the pictures we’re using are those of the Dell laptop running Windows 10 If you are running Windows 11 installed the steps will be similar.

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Are Air Pods connect to Dell laptops?

While Apple products are the most interconnected to each other and have the greatest functionality in the Apple ecosystem however, you don’t need an Apple MacBook for pairing the Air Pods to a laptop. A normal Windows laptop, like Dell’s models Dell or Dell, will connect with your Air Pods just fine, permitting you to stream songs, YouTube videos, Netflix and any other audio outputs catch your taste. The only thing you have to do is ensure that your laptop is equipped with a Bluetooth connection.

What do I need to know about how to connect the Air Pods to my Dell laptop?


Install Air Pods inside charging case

Place your Air Pods within their case and shut it to make sure they are charged. You should have an average battery charge of 25% or less before proceeding.


Press the Setup Button

Once fully charged Once fully charged, open once it is fully charged, take out the Air Pods case and depress the Setup Button on the back until it turns on. For older models of Air Pods this light will be visible inside the case. However, on the newer models the light will be visible on the outside.


Open the Settings Menu

Select the Start menu for Windows icon on the toolbar of your desktop. Then, you should find an option called the Settings Menu represented by the gear icon. Click it button to launch it.


Open Devices

Within the Settings Menu, choose Devices.


Select Bluetooth

In the Add a Device window that will appear Select Bluetooth.


Select Air Pods

Select your Air Pods from the list and flick your thumbs while they connect.


Your device is set to go!

A pop-up window will appear saying that the device is now set to go! Click Done, and voila you’ll have hooked up the Air Pods to your Dell laptop and listen to the audio on your laptop via them.


The Air pods can be connected to Dell laptop Troubleshooting

If you don’t get this pop-up, or you are having difficulties getting your Air Pods to select them at all:

If neither of the suggestions above does the trick, head to the appropriate Apple support page to find out more.


How to unplug air pods and your Dell laptop

If you ever would like to remove the Air pods from you Dell laptop, all you must select Remove Device, where you will see that the Air Pods are now listed in the Bluetooth and other devices tab (see the 5th step).

Final Word

This is our tutorial in how to connect Air Pods with Dell laptop device. We hope you’ve gotten the right information. Take to look through our other gaming and laptop laptop pages, such as the Dell gaming laptop guides.

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How do I connect Air Pods to laptop devices

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the best solution is to use an adapter wireless which will let you connect AirPods AirPods to any Dell laptop. Dell laptop.

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