How to Buy Cattle Online? – Online pashu kaise khariden?

If you’re a dairy farmer, having high-quality cattle and buffalo of all breeds is a big necessity. For convenient buying and selling of cattle, you can rely on a tech-driven app, MeraPashu360, available on Google Play Store. Read on to know more.

There is no longer a need to visit cattle fairs for the purchase of cattle and buffaloes. Thanks to the advent of technology, whether you need black Murrah buffalo or milk cows, getting access to pashu and pashu aahar has become easier than ever before.

Online pashu kaise khariden? How to buy/sell pashu and pashu aahar online? Let’s find out!

In the changing times, you can use MeraPashu360, a tech-cum-physical platform to buy and sell cattle, get high-quality cattle feed, and expert advisory on increasing milk production. You will get complimentary veterinary visits from expert veterinarians to ensure the health and wellness of cattle. From cattle procurement to healthcare advisory and asset management, the application meets all your requirements.

MeraPashu360 – पशु बाजार – Pashu and Pashu Aahar ki Dukaan

Back then, farmers associated with animal husbandry were reliant on traditional approaches such as cattle fairs for the purchase and sale of cattle. But thanks to technology, buying cattle and buffaloes of all breeds is just a click away. 

You can use MeraPashu360 to get easy access to cattle, cattle feed, and veterinary services from qualified doctors in India. It gives free home delivery of pashu and pashu aahar, complimentary vet consultation, and advice on increasing the milk yield. 

All products directly come from a factory and they do free pickup and home delivery of cattle. Not only this, but you will also get animal fodder delivered to your doorstep at reasonable prices. If you’re involved in the dairy farm business and want to accelerate your growth, MeraPashu360 can be a smart bet – fully tested and verified pashu and pashu aahar right to your doorstep. 

Buy/Sell Cattle – Pashu khariden aur bechein

If you wish to buy cattle on MeraPashu360, you can look for cows and buffaloes of all breeds anytime. All the cattle in our farm facilities are fully tested and medically checked before delivering to your door. India’s best veterinarians’ advice on how to increase the milk yield, animal feed management, and conduct routine medical check-ups.

If you wish to sell cattle on MeraPashu360, give details of pashu, such as age, breed, milk quantity, medical condition, etc. to find potential buyers and close a good deal.


Earlier, dairy farmers were dependent on pashu fairs and mela but now they can buy and sell pashu and pashu aahar right from the comfort of their homes. Get started with a platform like MeraPashu360, to gain quality access to cattle, feed, and veterinary services at your doorstep. Why Online Cattle Procurement is Gaining in Popularity? What to Know?

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MeraPashu360 is a tech-cum-physical platform introduced for dairy farmers to access high-quality cattle, feed, nutrition, and veterinary service. It provides an end-to-end solution for cattle procurement, feed management, and complete asset management for high milk yield and to fulfill all requirements of cattle and buffaloes.

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