How much does it Cost to Outsource Call Center Services?

Are you having a hard time managing an in-house team? Outsourcing is a major part of any business and gaining immense popularity due to its significant worth. For companies lacking in staffing and technology, outsourcing call center service makes perfect sense. 

Whether for customer support, conducting surveys, or product marketing campaigns, a call center in Delhi NCR or elsewhere can help handle your business calls. This can be a cost-effective way to provide 24/7 customer support and increase their satisfaction rate. 

In this post, we will cover everything that you need to know about call center outsourcing to determine its overall price and value.

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What are Call Center Services?

Call center services are end-to-end communication solutions, often offered by outsourcing partners in an actual or virtual environment. Services can cover everything from answering phone calls to order processing management, and managing voicemails, and emails. These can help extend your market research, provide better customer support, and increase your customer retention rate.

Types of Call Center Services

There are two main types of call center services you must know when outsourcing to meet your needs. 

  1. Outbound Call Center 

In this, dedicated agents make phone calls to existing or potential customers. It is often used for telesales, customer surveys, etc. You can consider hiring an outbound call center for services like market research, telemarketing, promotions, etc.

  • Inbound Call Center

This focuses on receiving incoming calls from customers for your business. The primary goal is to assist customers and solve problems related to any product or service. Services include chat support, a 24/7 hotline, answering service, and emergency service dispatch.

In-House vs Outsource Call Center Costs

It is no secret that an in-house call center is an expensive way to handle sales and customer support. The potential cost for the in-house team includes salaries and bonuses, recruitment costs, office space, software, and hardware. Other costs include phone systems, training, fees, commissions, and office supplies.

When outsourcing call center services, consider approaching a provider that brings long-term value to the relationship with relevant data insights, innovation, training, and expertise. Outsourcing cost may vary depending on parameters like expected call volume, level of support required, location, working hours, and calls duration. 

Ask yourself a few questions – do you need 24/7 availability or just office hours? Do you require multi-lingual support or only English or one language? Just phone calls or multi-channel support (including email, chat, voicemail, and social media)?

If you look into all aspects, outsourcing call center services seem to be the smart bet. It will save you from all the hassle and headaches as you don’t need to deal with payroll taxes, HR paperwork, and other associated factors. Outsourcing a sales call center is a good approach to improving your company’s productivity and overall bottom line.

What to Consider When Choosing a Call Center Service?

There is no shortage of call center jobs in Delhi and outsourcing partners around the world. So, how do you narrow down the best options for yourself? It isn’t difficult as it seems if you precisely understand your goals and needs. 

When choosing a call center service, consider factors like global reach, size of your business, future expansion, company experience, the technology they use, track record, security, and budget. At the end of the day, what really matters is the expertise of the call center team and your solid partnership with them.


A call center is a crucial part of BPO, which requires a high level of experience and expertise. When you give your call center service and responsibilities in the hands of professional outsourcing partners, your in-house team can focus more on core objectives.

The call center manages everything from staffing and training agents to sales, customer support, data entry, and appointment scheduling. A reliable 24/7 call center offers efficient communication support to customers that saves your business ample time and money.

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