How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed the Way Sex Dolls are Used?


Technology is making strides in any industry and domain. And sex doll industry is not aloof to this. Here, we are going to discuss about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the face of the sex doll industry.


Technology is everywhere. Be it how we live, eat, travel, technology is changing the face of every industry. And entertainment and pleasure domains and mediums are not remote to this.

What started as simple inflatable rubber sex dolls, in the sex toy field, has now evolved completely in the recent times. In today’s times, we have advanced and robotic real life like love dolls or sex dolls that not only mimic real human in skin and body part feel and use, but also how they behave including talking, sexual arousal, and much more than that.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Field of Sex Dolls

If we talk about AI, this technology has really made high strides in present times as these simulate human intelligence into machines. While this technology is making computing use in every sector more advanced and humane, AI is also changing the face of the sex dolls. What AI brings forward for sex dolls is that this technology enables creation of sex dolls that work and function like a human being, considering how a human mind works.

Equipped with AI capabilities, today’s feature-rich sex dolls are designed to provide extra pleasure to users, driven by AI with high awareness capability. So, these dolls are not only just about giving sexual fulfilment to the users, but also becoming a great companion with whom they can talk, sit beside, watch TV and do more to let away their loneliness.

AI tech has also enabled that as users you can have a sex doll partner the precise way you have dreamed of, with various features:

  • Facial Features

Facial features are not just about what their face shape is. But AI enables that sex dolls are able to smile, wink, rotate the head, make animated eyebrows, move eyes around to see, move lips and sync mouth for speaking.

  • Speaking

AI also enables your doll to talk, while learning and speaking in the native language of the users. And when she is able to converse with you in both sexual and non-sexual conversation you know the pleasure quotient improves to a top notch.

  • Smart Sensors

With smart sensors enabled by AI, the sex doll reacts to your touch. Along with that, she will moan during penetration. Smart sensors are usually found in areas around vagina, arms and breast areas.

  • Simulation in Body Temperature

When you get intimate with a real human, the body temperature increases and this heat is what enhances the sexual feel. Now, AI enables your sex doll to simulate the same way. It has made it possible for the sex doll to get warmed up, and in some sex doll models you get more enhanced feature about temperature control.

  • Vagina that Feels Realistic

Ai also makes it possible for the vagina of the doll to feel more realistic and like what a normal woman has. It is created with more intricate details, comes equipped with vaginal wall bumps, and g-spot.


When you are searching for silicone sex toys online and real dolls ensure that you go for AI enabled sex dolls or love dolls that will make your sexual pleasure much better.

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