Harish Jagtani: Transforming lives of people in Congo

Founded by visionary Harish Jagtani, in 2016, in Kinshasa, HJ Foundation, an NGO,  has come a long way to transform the lives of the people of The democratic republic of Congo with its consistent welfare activities to build a strong foundation for the nation by supporting the destitute population. To bring positive changes in society, the man behind the noble work started his career as an employee in a trading firm in the country. It is rightly said that hard work never goes to waste, and following this thumb rule, Mr. Jagtani climbed the ladder of success in every venture he started thereafter. To fulfil his dreams he established Services Air, a domestic air cargo company. In addition to routine responsibilities the company took over the initiative to transport the military and paramilitary forces to run rescue operations during natural calamities, and adverse conditions. The company is now very well known as Serve Air Cargo and has accomplished success in delivering necessities to the starving population of the country, thus saving their lives. The company worked in conjunction with the team to help people survive and face the atrocities of war. 

He did not stop here…yes, to build a strong healthcare infrastructure for the nation…Mr. Jagtani established HJ Hospitals. It is a multi-specialty hospital, fully equipped with world-class medical facilities, including state-of-the-art diagnostics. The organization is working 24×7 to provide necessary facilities for the health and welfare of the people of DRC. Starting from regular checkups to complicated and critical surgeries, the institution is committed to providing the best healthcare services to all in need. One cannot deny the contribution of the surgeons, doctors, specialists, nurses, healthcare staff, and many other professionals to make it a success, and it is indeed the dire dedication of Mr. Jagtani to create a team of experts to create a ray of hope for many suffering with one or the other disease. Simultaneously, the HJ Foundation is working for society at large by organising camps to treat mass patients at a time. The foundation completed a camp with excellent results for the fitment of artificial limbs or prosthetics for about 600 amputees at a time. To achieve the goal, Mr. Jagtani, brought an expert team of the world-famous ‘Jaipur Limb’ or BMVSS, from Jaipur, India.  The outcome of the camp was beyond the expectation of successful fitment of the prosthetics to the patients . and the happiness and confidence of the amputees were indeed commendable. Earlier the foundation organised camps to treat cataract and glaucoma patients to provide them with the vision to see the beauty of the world more clearly. Surgeries of hundreds of patients were undertaken by the patients to provide them with a normal life. The foundation has tied up with the HJ Hospitals to carry out dialysis for patients suffering from renal disorders free of cost.  

The foundation is working consistently to achieve the goal with its exemplary works under the guidance of Mr. Harish Jagtani, a real hero, worked tirelessly to support different sectors for the overall growth and development of the country.

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