Celtic Sea Salt And It’s Benefits

Celtic sea salt is a salt from the Brittany coast of France. Its high moisture level ensures that it is moist and gray in all conditions. It is collected on the beach and then dried by the wind and sun. This salt has less sodium and more trace elements than table salt.

What is in Celtic sea salt?

Celtic sea salt is rich in magnesium, which gives it its characteristic color it contains 34 trace elements and 33% sodium. This composition proves that Celtic sea salt contains important minerals that have many health benefits.

What are the benefits of Celtic sea salt?

Many people ask if Celtic sea salt is healthy and good for the body. It cleanses the nose by removing mucus, strengthens the immune system, strengthens the heart, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, relieves muscle spasms, prevents kidney stones and regulates saliva production.

Benefits of Celtic Sea Salt

The taste of sea salt is unique, depending on the region and geology, and is enjoyed by many people. The crunchy sea salt granules are very popular for cooking and eating. Celtic sea salt has a pungent, smooth texture and a salty flavor.

However, it has also been used since ancient times for a variety of health purposes.

Healing of skin lesions

Celtic sea salt is often used to cleanse and wash damaged or cracked skin. It is also recommended as an exfoliating agent. The salt has antiseptic properties and the essential minerals act as a soothing agent for damaged skin and can relieve inflammation. Salt scrubs are recommended to treat acne, pimples and rosacea. However, moisturizing immediately after application is recommended, as reapplication may over-dry sensitive skin.

Promotes healthy cell growth

Celtic sea salt contains 92 essential elements. Twenty-four of these minerals are considered essential for many basic body functions. Deficiencies can lead to symptoms such as muscle spasms, nerve disorders and brain damage. Sea salt helps to remove water from the blood and distribute it throughout the body. Regular salt consumption can cause water retention in the joints, leading to swelling and kidney problems.

Reduces phlegm

Celtic sea salt is an excellent drainage agent that reduces inflammation in the nose and sinuses as well as mucus buildup in the lungs. It is also recommended for the treatment of edema and fluid buildup in joints.

Relieves joint pain

Bathing with at least 25% salt has recently been found to reduce joint swelling caused by osteoarthritis. A small amount of salt increases inflammation, while too much salt reduces swelling by drying out the cells in the inflamed area.

Essential iodine

Iodine is a chemical that is not produced by the body, but is essential for hormone regulation in the body. Iodine is used by the thyroid gland to make hormones. The most common symptom of iodine deficiency is walking. in his research, Dr. Guy E. Abrahams showed that vitamin C is a very effective carrier of iodine in the body and that Celtic sea salt is effective in preventing iodine deficiency. Iodine deficiency may also cause infertility and, according to some studies, is a major risk factor for certain types of cancer. Iodine is added to many salts, but Celtic sea salt is a natural source of this important element.

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