What’s Purpose and Benefits of Software Solutions in Medical Practices?

medical billing software

Healthcare services are a fundamental aspect to maintain public health and overall quality of life. But the question arises of how medical practices can sustain and handle plenty of tasks that include scheduling numerous appointments, billing, payment of overhead costs, and more. Even in the tough times of COVID-19, we have seen medical facilities overburdened … Read more

Top Features to Include in a FinTech App Development


FinTech is transforming the financial industry. The continuous development of the new FinTech Apps is changing the ways people invest, opt for loans, land capital to start-ups, and even purchase insurance policies. Usually, one out of three digitally active users makes use of two or more FinTech services.  All the latest FinTech advancements offer a … Read more

Mobile Phones | 14 essential things to keep in mind before buying!

Mobile Phones 14 essential things to keep in mind before buying!

When we go to Dokan Mobile to buy our mobile, will we accept the mobile after confession? How much will the mobile phone cost? We need to know about RAM, ROM, Display, Camera, Storage, Processor, Processor Specification, Clock Speed, Graphics Processor Unit, Aspect Ratio, Panel Type, HDR, and Non-HDR, Battery, Operating System, etc. When you … Read more