Why You Should Work With a Commercial Insurance Broker

Calgary is a metropolitan city with over 100 head offices and is home to 700 startups. Many budding entrepreneurs and established businesses choose the city as their base because of its low-income tax rate, favorable business climate, and ready workforce. If you are one of the businesses based in Calgary, you will know the importance … Read more

Tips on Finding a Reasonable Insurance Rate

Business people are finding Calgary a terrific place to start a business. The metropolitan, ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities, has an excellent business climate. Additionally, its local policies and incentives are very friendly to businesses. As business growth in Calgary increases, so does its need for insurance coverage. As a result, … Read more

Qualities of a Reliable Business Insurance Broker to Keep in Mind

Each business faces risks that they need to overcome. Some risks have responses that you can plan for. However, there are also unforeseen risks that you can’t create an advance response plan. Business insurance will help protect you and your business from taking a nosedive when unfortunate incidents occur. However, there are many business insurance … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Insurance to Your Business in Calgary?

With nearly 1.5 million people, the bustling metropolis of Calgary is home to more than 49,000 small businesses. These businesses are the driving force of the city’s business community since they provide jobs for the locals in the area. If you are one of the thousands of small business owners, and whether you’re operating your … Read more

What Is Small Business Insurance?

In Calgary, 95% of the business population are small businesses, and 92.5% of which have less than 50 employees. So if you own a business, make sure to get small business insurance in Calgary. Starting a business is no joke, and usually, new entrepreneurs pour all of their resources into running their business. It is … Read more

5 Tips on Choosing an Online Insurance Broker

When looking for someone to protect your business, you can’t leave it to just anyone. So finding the right business insurance broker who can save your hard-earned success in times of catastrophic loss or when you are stuck with skyrocketing bills for damages should be a priority. Online business insurance brokers can advocate on your … Read more

Who are on our panel of experts?

Here at Partnerships for impact, our panel of experts comprises some of the leading names in health, education, economics, finance, and social causes. Health and Science Professor Virander Chauhan is a visionary scientist and a Rhodes Scholar. He obtained a Ph.D. degree from Delhi University and a D.Phil from Oxford University. He is widely recognized … Read more

Three Deployment Versions and Business Models

This article checks out 3 elective organization choices for remote marking, catering to 3 unique plans of action. The decision of the choice will rely upon the monetary establishment’s particular circumstances and key objectives. This article gives direction. Digitalization sets out open doors and dangers simultaneously. As organizations and foundations expanded the digitalization of their … Read more