Muhammad Khalid

Muhammad Khalid

Muhammad Khalid is a Pakistani Journalist. He is a News publisher and Vbloger of current issues in Pakistan and across the world. On social media, he gains lots of subscribers and followers. He gets more popularity very quickly with his hard-working. M.Khalid studied and completed his secondary education at Govt. High school Qadir Bux, Kamalia. … Read more

Partnerships for Impact: Enabling Investments to Maximise Social Impact

In the mid 20th century, partnerships between foundations and companies arose to strengthen both the public and private sectors. Today, social entrepreneurs are pioneering new forms of matching public and private funds to create impact.New developments in the social enterprise space create opportunities for investors and social entrepreneurs to work together in new ways to … Read more

How to hire a product manager

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Finding and scoring a product management hire can be a big win for any company — and the recruiter who brought them on board! Every step of the recruiting journey is a way to make a good impression on a product manager candidate, from the initial outreach to the job description to how they’re treated … Read more