How to retain traffic to your website tips & tricks (2017)

User acquisitions is an important factor. But to retain traffic to your website is the most difficult task. And often this fact is overseen when you are doing the marketing for your blog.

If you have an email list with 1000s of subscribers you have a permanent audience which is waiting for your new updates that you post regularly on your blog. If you provide useful information to your visitors and help them solve some problem it is expected that, that user will again visit your blog for some or the other problem he might face in future.

Ask yourself one question. Why a visitor would like to visit your blog again if you post something meaningless and non-informative in your blog post? Surely, no one will.

So posting a great blog post requires hours of intrinsic research and you need to build your opinion on everything where it is right according to your or not. Also make sure that you are not getting too much into it, keep the information generic so that people could understand why or why not the topic on which you are writing is good or bad.

Writing readable and understandable blog post will not only help you to retain traffic to your website but also will help you reduce the bounce rate of your website. If you don’t know what bounce rate is, click here to read more about it.

Think yourself as the user of your website, what all are the things you look upon and decide if you are going to scroll down on the same website? Or think about the things that turn off your users and make them move to other websites for the information he wanted? By doing this not only you will understand that how search engines work but also you will get to know the weak points in your website which are causing your visitor to go to other websites. Technically this thing is called the exit rate.

What is exit rate?

Exit rate is one of the metrics that is calculated to ensure that your content is engaging enough and the user is interested in reading it. It is quite possible for your homepage to have a high exit rate if it is a one-paged website.

Internal Page linking

While writing an article what you need to do is, keep in mind your other blog posts that in some way related to the current post. A single article can become entry point to the other articles of your blog, which will substantially decrease the bounce rate of your blog. The more the user roams around your blog the less the bounce rate is. Every blog strives to achieve minimal bounce rate, so this technique above will help you do so.

Image Usage

It is often seen that if you want to explain something to someone, a diagram or a picture proves to be an asset. Similarly in your blog posts you should use relevant images to explain the subject on which you are writing.

Newsletter Subscription

If you are one of the people who thinks no one opts for newsletters nowadays, you are definitely wrong. People still do subscribe to newsletters but only for those websites which provide useful information to them. So while creating  good email marketing campaigns for your blog you must keep in mind that you are not spamming your users with unverified facts and figures. Delivering what is needed will increase your newsletter subscriptions and will ultimately help you to retain traffic to your website

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How to retain traffic to your website tips & tricks (2017)
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