8 Fun Things to do in Bangalore

Bangalore is more than just its title of “Silicon Valley of India.” The amazing city is also known for its exciting nightlife and lush greenery that peeks through urban life! 

From visiting the mystery rooms in Bangalore to unearthing the city’s rich history or even relishing a mouthful of its delicious street foods, this place never lets you run out of interesting things to do! In this article, we bring the 8 fun things to do in Bangalore as you visit the city.   

1. Bangalore Palace  

Palace, Fort, Architecture, Building
Bangalore Palace

Built-in 1887 by King Chamraja Wadiyar, the Bangalore Palace reeks of royalty, aesthetic beauty, and historical importance. This palace also hosts the beautiful historical paintings of Raja Ravi Verma.  

The palace is a powerful mixture of the English Tudor style with the Gothic fashion of Scotland. The interior boasts of a more traditional Hindu style, with the roman arches and vast gardens making you look at the palace with eyes filled with wonder.   

2. Savanadurga 

This is one of the best places for a night trek in Bangalore. There are two trails here that you can choose from, with the Karigudda trek being the less explored and more adventurous one. The Billigudda trek, on the other hand, is a safer route and can be done without much trekking experience.  

As you trek, you will come across the fort, which is the prime attraction here. This place was built back in the 1500s; the fort has a picturesque setting and allows you to relax. With the Machinbele Dam located on the opposite side, trekkers can get a fantastic view.   

3. Breakout Escape Room 

Breakout Escape Room

Visiting the Breakout Escape room in the city can be a lifetime experience for every person in your group. Hunting for clues and riddles inside a locked room to finally get out is a unique experience that you can add to your bucket list!  

The Breakout Escape Games offers players 5+ immersive escape experiences with unique themes and realistic sets and props. Being one of India’s first escape room companies, Breakout proudly showcases its movie-like escape rooms!   

4. Lalbagh  

With increasing urbanization all across the globe, it is becoming difficult for one to savor the beauty and tranquility of nature. Lalbagh hosts two amazing flower shows that can fascinate even people who don’t have much knowledge about flowers. 

The Lalbagh rock is said to be over 3000 million years old. For people who love the beauty of nature and love to lose themselves therein, this will surely be your haven!  

5. HAL Aerospace 

One of the biggest aeronautical complexes in South Asia, the HAL Heritage Center and Aerospace Museum covers an area of approximately 4 acres.  

There are two different halls present inside the facility. One of the halls presents before visitors the evolution of aviation technology ever since the 1940s, using pictures and charts. In another hall, you can find the distinct functions of an aero engine to be highlighted using different cross-sections of aero models.   

6. Bannerghatta National Park 

It is a must-visit place, especially for people wanting to experience and cherish the presence of wild animals around them.  

If you plan to visit this park, enjoy the wide variety of safari activities they offer here. The amazing butterfly park (located inside) is also worth a visit!   

7. Freedom Park 

The Freedom Park is a powerful combination of nature and history and is lined with wonders. What will leave you awestruck is that this place was originally the central jail of Bangalore. Inspired by Hyde Park in London, the jail being transformed into a park acts as a symbol of resistance against the British Raj.  

Freedom Park is spanning across 21 acres of land; there are several activities that you can indulge in while in this park. Inside the park, there are places like the jail museum, sculpture courtyard, people courtyard, and others. There is also an Amphitheater and a separate place designated for meetings and rallies inside the Freedom Park.  

8. Nandi Hills  

Located at the height of approximately 4000 ft., it is a great place for people who love trekking! For people looking for an escape from the hustle-bustle of city life, you must check out this place when you visit Bangalore.   

Nandi Hills, Deccan Plateau, Karnataka
Nandi Hills  

Camping under the starry night sky, and trekking the next morning, is the best way to enjoy these beautiful hills. Trekking can be good exposure for people who are doing it for the first time.  


Make sure to check out these unique places and explore the enriching beauty and culture of the city. Live and explore the city like a local because it is only then that you can truly enjoy the city in the best possible way! 

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