5 Reasons Why You Should Obtain Microsoft Azure Certification

Microsoft Azure supports building, deploying, testing, and managing applications using Microsoft-managed data centers. It also gives additional support for software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

If you’re into these programming languages, specific tools, and frameworks, then the Microsoft Azure certification exam is an excellent learning path. Now more than ever, people are focused on cloud computing due to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

To pursue a career in cloud computing, you need to be a certified Microsoft azure professional to meet market requirements and secure good job roles. Whether you’re just starting with your career or a second Microsoft expert, here’s why you should get Microsoft Azure certification, from fundamentals to advanced level.

  1. Career Flexibility

Microsoft Azure certification helps secure excellent job roles like cloud administrator, security engineer, developer, AI engineer, solution architect, data engineer, DevOps engineer, and solutions architect.

You may find yourself managing, developing, and implementing a range of cloud services in several industries, including finance, government, healthcare, or insurance. There is an increased demand for cloud professionals all over the world.

  • Higher Salaries

When you’ll become a certified Microsoft azure professional, you can gain higher salaries and better recognition in the market. And, the salary package can be increased when you take courses to become a Senior Azure certified professional. 

The salary ranges may vary depending on the region and area. The average salary starts from $40,914 and makes around $172,170 per year.

  • Structured Learning Approach

It allows you to learn different tools and techniques associated with cloud computing. Fresh candidates can improve their knowledge of Azure and progress with a more concise learning path. 

Many online resources like courses and practice tests are introduced by Qwikskills, to help candidates learn practical and theoretical concepts of Azure service. The training library offers theory, technical knowledge, and practice to get certified.

  • Improve DevOps Skills

DevOps is a practice where development and operation service are combined to offer the best solutions to customers. It brings people, procedures, and technologies together to provide value-added services and develop products that fulfill business goals and objectives.

With these skills, a professional can develop applications, automate processes, monitor cloud environments, and ensure continuous delivery.

  • Commitment

If you’re dedicated to learning Microsoft Azure, improve your potential and clear your concepts to become Microsoft Azure certified. To achieve your goals, enroll yourself in a certification learning path and give ample time for relevant preparation.

The certification itself acts as an important credential – not only on your resume but also in your professional career and overall scope. This can lead to broad career opportunities and help you gain a competitive edge over others.

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The above-listed reasons will make you feel confident about choosing a career in Microsoft Azure. If you’re interested in learning more about cloud computing and Microsoft Azure Certification, look for quality study resources on a platform like Qwikskills for relevant courses, practice tests, and hands-on labs.

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